Monday, February 11, 2008

Really, quidnunc?

Yes, what next. A few years ago I went to a party thrown by friends whose children were finally moving out and moving on. Most guests had children who had left for university, were finishing university or were starting out on their own. Most of the guests were sorting out what their lives would be like with their new found solitude, financial freedom (ha!) and freedom to travel. This blog hopefully will be where all reports, ideas, plans and news can be reported. Feel free to send us links, reports, photos and news. Read something wonderful? Saw a great movie? Raving about a something you saw or read? Ranting about something? This is the place for you.


Anonymous said...

Silly me, my first thought about "what the heck is a quidnunc" was.... well, let's just say that my mind regularly travels to the gutter.
Good luck with the blog - break a finger? -Jartie

Anonymous said...

Quidnunc is what we should be asking on a regular basis, things are always changing. It goes with an unexamined life,is not worth living. I don't believe that it is quite that extreme but contemplating what our life is about and what our impact on others is important.
Good luck with this blog. Looking forward to understanding this. How does it differ from e-mailing?