Saturday, March 1, 2008

Coming Soon to a Restaurant Near You.....

No need for waiters - welcome to the "e-menu" which is being tested in restaurants throughout Europe. The manufacturer claims that it makes the experience of dining more pleasurable - it encourages diners to be more adventurous with their choice of food because the menu is supplemented with pictures, so they can see each dish on the screen before ordering. When you want the bill, just request it on the screen.

Check out this article - you'll learn all the other interactive elements of the e-menu, including playing games while you wait for the food, and sending message to other tables.

Before bridge lessons the other night, we all went out for dinner - and the restaurant had a box on the table that permitted you to raise the volume on any of the television screens in the restaurants. So - if the table wanted to hear what was on the television, the guests could listen and watch. Enjoy your dinner!


Anonymous said...

.....and there I was thinking I had the ultimate high tech solution, designing the ultimate robot waiter.....taking your order, oil oozing from every joint, sprouting phrases like "wonderful choice", "have a great day" or even "pleased to be of service" and not forgeting a fixed smile and permanent suntan.....and your blog destroys it all.....who needs waiters and waitresses....the obvious next step, touch screen ordering and a conveyer belt to deliver the food to the table.....perish the thought!

Anonymous said...

The problem with the ultimate robot waiter is that "it" might be programmed to say "My name is Kevin, I'll be your server tonight".