Thursday, March 13, 2008

I get viewer mail..........

Wow - thank you everyone for visiting my blog – although I have only been blogging for a few weeks I am so happy to already have so many readers and visitors from all around the world. Thank you to the few intrepid commenters who take the time to add their comments. I also appreciate your emails (my email is listed on this blog) and I wanted to just address a few of your questions.

1. “I’m confused. Why are you talking about Wichita when your home is Vancouver?” Well – I am visiting Wichita while Miguel gets medical treatment. I have only lived in two big cities in my life (Toronto and Vancouver) – I am a big city girl. The change to Wichita is proving to be so strange – a small city, a different country and a red state.

2. “Why don’t you have any scissors or coloured paper?” Trust me, I am still ALLOWED to have scissors….. I am living temporarily in a small extended-stay hotel in Wichita. A very small space. It has been an interesting experiment living a spartan life – with very few creature comforts or accessories. For the most part, it has been liberating to have a holiday from “stuff” - although if I did have scissors and coloured paper, I would be tempted to try some of Martha Stewart’s craft ideas.

3. “Your blog doesn’t seem to have a theme. Why do you pick such random things to write about?” Well, hmmmm…. I do have interests in many random things – I like to read and think about many things. I like things that are imaginative and funny – and I like things are provocative.

Today Miguel starts the final 8 weeks of chemo - so I'm heading off to the 5 hour chemo-drip-drip treatment. Thanks for visiting and thanks for your questions and concerns.

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Anonymous said...

If there is a theme to life, randomness would be the running motif. I love the variety in your blog,it is positively addictive. On another note -- only 6 more treatments left. You both are getting there,slowly but surely. Also, if you had all that craft stuff, you would be making Martha Stewart crafts and not writing your great blog, which would be all of our loss.