Monday, March 3, 2008

If my friend Beth came for dinner.....

and if I had green card stock, and if I actually were going to cook something (after living in a hotel for a few months, this is probably not going to happen) and if we were going to sit down at a nice table with good china and lovely lilacs.....THEN....I would make this craft. Really Beth, I would.

Another Martha Stewart "Craft of the Day"


Anonymous said...

The lilac does it for me. One of my favourite spring flowers. This has inspired me to think about going to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton this spring and visiting the lilacs gardens. There about 50 different types of lilacs and the scent is heavenly; chestnuts are in bloom at the same time and they are stunning when in bloom.
If Beth were my friend, she would have to settle for the flowers and all the guests could choose where to sit as long as Mike and I had the seats closest to the kitchen.
I feel it is a big enough accomplishment to have the house clean and cook the meal.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Nora -- I love the lilacs -- they caught my eye too and just for a second made me forget this dreary winter. I think that I would serve Beth, Linda, Krista and Nora an afternoon tea with lots of scones and creme fraiche and preserves and lilacs, lily of the valley and forsythia would decorate the table. Visions of spring have have me dizzy with anticipation and brought out the latent Martha in me.


Anonymous said...

If Wendy is serving the tea for you, then I would bring her my ginger cookies and my chocolate chip cookies.. I recently changed this 20 year old recipe to include real chocolate turtles in the actual dough..So, Krista, for now you have just got to imagine the perfect tea party, but down the road, when you come to Toronto Wendy and I will make it happen! One other thing, I don't really do Martha Stewart stuff but I know for a fact that Wendy does little chocolates with your name placed on it...Linda