Friday, March 14, 2008

On Lost - Jin – we hardly knew ye………

Jin is a handsome man and a fine actor. His scenes with his wife are wrenching – and he has shown that he has both loyalty, love and forgiveness in abundance. Could it be that he died on the day of the plane crash? Lost was playing games with us again last night – we see Sun’s baby being born in Korea and we believe she is waiting for Jin to get to the hospital in time for the birth. We see someone jumping off the ship wrapped in chains (Regina – did we ever know ye?) and we see Michael, the janitor/traitor/spy/ally? If Jin is dead, I’ll be very sad – very very sad.

The actor who portrys Jin was recently charged with DUI - if they kill him off on the show, that would mean every Lost DUI offender has been killed off. Say it isn't so........It is now official, I can never go out on Thursday nights again until Lost is finished.

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