Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pear Soup does sounds good.........

While I am sojourning here in Kansas one thing is clear. Almost every consumer and grocery item in the US is cheaper than that in Canada. My mother came to visit last week. She is an earnest serious comparison shopper - she was in her glory in the supermarkets here – not that she bought anything mind you (that was up to me to do) but she loved looking at the prices. Gas over $3.00 a gallon here? In Vancouver it is at least 50% more. I have seen frozen dinners on sale for $.87 (who would want to buy it really, but still) and eggs for $1.00 a dozen.
Check out this article in the NYTimes – the author decided to make dinner every night for a week using mostly ingredients from NY City 99-cent stores. On the eighth night he prepared a meal for friends only from ingredients bought at the 99-cent stores.
My mother could have told us all this if we would only listen to her………..

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Anonymous said...

bloggers older meaner sister When shopping in Wichita & other American cities i was surprised at how expensive things were. Fruit & vegetable prices shocked me as did the price of meat.I could truly get behind .99 stores & the pear & pea soups sound delish. Make them for me. klk