Monday, March 17, 2008

Speaking of things that are fishy........

One thing I miss about Vancouver is sushi…… there is great sushi in Vancouver. I’m not sure however that I would enjoy this new sushi trend – Nyotaimori. Nyotaimori, you might ask? Yes, sushi placed upon a naked (or nearly naked) woman or man lying on a table – a human groaning board……….
A handful of U.S. restaurants -- in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago -- have adopted the custom on a regular basis. Even Minneapolis is doing it……. Luckily the models must be hairless (good thing) – but even so, am I the only person who finds this unpalatable?
There are a few sushi restaurants here in Wichita. A local sushi favourite is Kansas Roll – made with kansas beef.

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Anonymous said...

Instead of naked sushi and for the same price or even less, I get to eat Omikase which is sushi made up by this famous chef right in front of my table featuring the freshest fish and beautiful presentation...and I don't have to worry about stabbing someone in the netherlands with my chop sticks! Linda