Sunday, March 30, 2008

When in Kansas......

...Cheer for the Jayhawks.........which I did. The Jayhawks almost blew it against Davidson today. Davidson has a talented "little" player - Stephen Curry, son of a former NBA player Dell Curry - he has carried Davison to one improbable victory after another. The game was close all the way through.....but the Jayhawk's win in the Midwest Regional final sent all four No. 1 seeds to the Final Four for the first time.

It was a close game - and the bridge tournament I was playing in couldn't start until the game was over (the game was playing in the tournament room)

Curry from Davidson had led his team to a 25-game winning streak, the longest in the nation. I also loved that his school of 1,700 students brought most of the student body to the tournament - how neat is that?

Now if I could only have done well at bridge - but alas, only mediocrity untempered by any flashes of brilliance.

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Anonymous said...

Even I watched Kansas win and it was pretty exciting there at the end. Next weekend should be a good weekend to see excellent basketball. Now that we know people in Kansas,we have become staunch supporters of your team.