Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chris Matthews

While I'm sojourning here in Kansas, I am fully immersed in the presidential campaigns. I am a political and television junkie, but living here while the campaigns are proceeding is very exciting for me. I have been worried recently though that some journalists, such as Chris Matthews are openly devoted to Obama. Not that I mind that, just that it is so obvious and unbalanced.

The NYTimes has a not entirely complimentary profile of Chris Matthews. It talks about his past, as a speech writer for Jimmy Carter and advisor to Tip O'Neill, his belief that the lessons of politics can help you get ahead in life, his creepy objectification of women, and his antipathy for Hillary Clinton.

The bit about Matthews' rivalries with Tim Russert (which is kind of like two blowhards fighting one another), Jon Stewart (who tore him apart on the Daily Show), and Keith Olbermann (who is smarter on his worst day than Matthews on his best) is also interesting as it exposes just how much petty rivalries and churlish ambition underlie this entire media world.

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