Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gotta Get a Vineyard.........

It is a sad, pathetic fact that when I visit someplace, I am easily swept up by my surroundings and I immediately start to fantasize about living in that place. Driving through beach communities? Wow, I’d love to live here in that little shack on the beach. Touring through resort areas such as Palm Springs? I can see myself sipping wine in the backyard patio of that little gated golfing community. Walking through a charming English town? That little thatched roof cottage would suit me perfectly. But most of all I think I yearn for the vineyard lifestyle. A visit to the Napa Valley brings out a terrifying covetousness. Last summer we traveled to the Okanagan (British Columbia’s “Napa Valley”) with John and Laura to tour vineyards and wineries. I wanted every single vineyard I visited. That no part of the “farming gene” possessed by my prairie homesteading grandparents exists in my body, that I don’t even have a cultured wine palate and that I actually hate hard manual labour is unimportant - I want to live on a vineyard.

Luckily for me there is a new service that helps. AIM Vineyards, a boutique London firm, helps those seeking a vineyard life to locate, purchase, manage, market and develop their own property and wines. You want a winery in Bordeaux or Napa? Call AIM – they will help you do everything. See how easy it could be?………now all I need is.………


Anonymous said...

Me, I fantasize about properties in England a la Location, Location, Location show on HGTV.
Also, dream about cottages by the sea. But, vineyards kind of leave me cold, although I did like the one in French Kiss. Now that the birds are singing in Toronto, there is not so much desperation in my daydreaming.

Anonymous said...

I would love to live in San Francisco. Love the weather even when it is cold in the morning. I picture myself giving tours of the Palace Hotel- we usually take in a couple of the free city tours offered by the library.
When the urge strikes, we could drive to Monterey/Carmel and spend time at the beach and then other times a drive to the Napa Valley or Mendicino-home of Jessica Fletcher-Murder She Wrote would be nice.
A few more nice days like we are having will help stifle the need to explore other places.