Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just what I need, more "beauty" advice......

The NYTimes today reports today about Sarah James of Newport Beach, Calif and her blog Last year, when she was debating whether to cut her hair for bangs, she decided to put the matter to a vote on her beauty blog. By the next day 700 people had voted on this pressing issue.

She then added "Hair Thursday", a regular feature to her blog. Hair challenged or hair befuddled citizens can submit photos of themselves and then Ms. James — who has an eye for hair despite having no professional training or styling experience — suggests two hairstyles. Then blog readers vote on which look they prefer. Fifty people have been featured to date, and 150 are on the waiting list. The NYTimes article lists other sites that you can help people choose their best look. This made me think of famous haircuts - Mia Farrow, Keri Russell during her Felicity days, Britney Spears (the shaving incident), Katie Holmes.....anyone else you can think of?

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