Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Weather

This photo - taken by Jim, on Saturday April 19th. Where you might ask? Vancouver......yep......Vancouver. Meanwhile, Toronto (where you might think there would be snow) had 25C degree weather (80F my American friends). Wichita? also 80F

Snow in April can happen in Toronto - but I'm not sure it has happened much, if ever in Vancouver. A good day to be in Wichita, I'd say.........


Anonymous said...

It is glorious here in Toronto. Heading out to garden and will just wear a tea shirt with my pants- not ready to get my legs all dirty yet. The weather here has been very warm but would like it is cool off a bit so that the spring flowers do not come and go too quickly. The weather out west suggests that we might be in for some interesting weather in the next few days. Don't put away those boots and mitts yet.

Anonymous said...

Although no one seems to be acknowledging it we did have snow in Vancouver (at least on the North Shore) in early May, 2002. I only remember this because I was caught driving from Deep Cove at 8:00 in the morning (my daughter had an early rowing practice there) and had to get home to drive my son to an AP exam. There were several centimeters of snow on the Cut driving into North Van and cars were having a lot of trouble getting up the hill. There was certainly snow on the ground here yesterday morning but not as much as that May!

daughter said...

First time I've been able to visit your blog without going through anonymous....That, coupled with the snow, makes me think, it's a good time in be in Shanghai too!