Friday, April 18, 2008

To My Friends - Happy Passover

I love hearing and reading about all your Passover preparations - I get tired out just thinking about it all. Here is an article about matzah brei - including Frank Gehry's favourite recipe. I've never had this - but it certainly sounds like comfort food. Happy Passover - peace and happiness to you all.........

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Anonymous said...

it was a lovely evening, but I have to say, every joint in my body is aching. If I don't wear orthotics, I really pay later. Sadly, ugly shoes don't go with party clothes. Lovely, warm feelings, good singing, delicious food and friends and family. But, more than one hostess I spoke to this morning (post Seder) could not get to sleep after everyone left -- menopause? hot flashes? aching body? too much excitement ? All I know is that it is The Perfect Storm. Even when everything went well.