Friday, May 16, 2008

Thoughts on How to Make Love Last.......

Here is a funny little blog about how to make love last - I thought you would enjoy it. I agree with the picture in picture TV, but I can tell you that when I made Miguel take beginner bridge lessons with me, he did it compliantly, yet not totally I'm not sure taking a class is necessarily in my list. As well, I don't want the rolling case, but I would take this.

How to Make Love Stay
Posted by Wendy Atterberry

There was a woman on the Today Show the other morning who said that kissing your partner for 6 seconds every night before you go to sleep is one way to make your relationship last. I don't know so much about that one, but what the hell, I'll give it a shot. I also happen to know a few other ways to make love stay:

Picture-in-picture TV
His and Hers bathrooms
600 thread count sheets
Spend the holidays in Bermuda
Buy new underwear every three months
Resist a hair-do rut
Take a class together
Pick a happy hour spot and meet there after work on Fridays
Floss daily
If you are my boyfriend, then I will love you forever if you buy me this awesome travel case

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