Friday, June 27, 2008

Electric Hand Dryers

In the last two years I have gone on three major road trips - driving through Canada and the United States. I have used many public washrooms on those trips - and I am greatly impressed with almost all of the Highway Rest Stops we encountered in the U.S. They were clean and well-maintained. Another good source for restrooms was McDonald's. They were not always as clean or well-maintained (sorry McDonald's) but if palatable, we always stocked up on coffee or the occasional ice-cream before continuing our trip.

Not to add to another conspiracy - but there does seem to be a trend (maybe a nascent conspiracy) to replace all toilet fixtures with levers and buttons that don't require human touch. Electronic flushing toilets abound, as well as automatic water taps and soap dispensers. Many places also have a "wave your hand" paper towel dispenser - but somehow I can never really figure out how to wave my hand to make the paper come out.

Which brings me to something I detest - electric hand dryers. I try to avoid them at all costs - which usually means wiping my hands on my clothing, or getting some toilet paper to dry my hands. I always believed that IF electric hand dryers were better for the environment, then I would hate them less. If you read this article you will see that I had better embrace electric hand dryers - the bottom line is that hand dryers will be the greener choice in about 95 percent of circumstances. Hmmmm......but I still hate them........


Anonymous said...

Next time you visit Toronto you must visit Allen's on the Danforth just to use the handdryers. I know that you detest them but these are very different. I don't think that children should use them unattended. The force of these dryers would fling small children against the opposite wall. They sound like jets taking off. I have never experienced dryers like these anywhere else.

I don't like some automatic taps, no choice about the water temperature. Cold is not usually my temperature of choice. Also, I seem to need several passes under in front of the tap to get the water flowing and then it without warning it stops and I still have soap on my hands.

Must admit rest stops are always interesting territory when travelling.

Anonymous said...

While i agree with you about the rest stops (ok the lack of purse hooks made me crazy) I would take a less than pristine McDonald's over the rest stop with the "Beware of poisonous snakes & reptiles" sign. klk