Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fire Up the BBQ.........

Well, it really isn't possible to do anything outdoors here in British Columbia right now. It has been cold and rainy for the last three weeks - very cold and very rainy - and the locals are referring to it as June-uary. So there is no need for outdoor living quite yet. I must confess that most outdoor dining experiences almost anywhere in the world end up with people batting away wasps and mosquitos - I actually prefer a quiet bug-free dining experience. But.....if it was nice weather and there were no bugs, and I was very rich (and had a very large backyard (preferably on the ocean) then these outdoor kitchens (luxury outdoor kitchens featured on CNN) would suit me just fine.

This first one would be perfect only if I had full-time help - it looks like it needs lots of tending to keep all the stainless appliances looking shiny and bright - plus I'm not sure I would like cooking on such a grand scale every night. What ARE all those appliances anyway?

This one suits me a bit better - mainly because it has a television. I'm wondering what will happen when everyone wants a television in their backyard - it is bad enough with loud music playing somewhere nearby - but competing television shows?


Anonymous said...

Maybe I could get an easy bake oven to complete my lovely two person balcony. Sadly, a whole kitchen could get lost in my jungle backyard. As for the tv, I would also request a hammock to lie in while watching my shows.


Anonymous said...

I noticed that there is a sofa inside the little outdoor cooking area across from the television (so you don't need a hammock). But imagine how maddening it would be if the busy cook (who is making you a delicious bbq meal) gets in the way when you are watching a good show on TV.

Anonymous said...

This kind of kitchen can only work on the west coast where mosquitoes and other bugs do not seem to bother people. I can not imagine having a barbecue like this in the east and not having to enclose it in netting so that the bugs don't have a feast of their own.
While gardening, I was bitten on my ear lobe of all places and it was suddenly 3 times its normal size and this is early in the season.
Bring on the bug lamps.