Saturday, July 26, 2008

Martha Stewart Craft of the Day - for Guests.......

This is Martha Stewart's Craft of the Day. These embellished slippers she tells us "decorated with a dazzling combination of fabric, ribbons, and beads... offer a wonderful way to welcome houseguests".

I have just had over 3 weeks of visitors.....and you can rest assured that I did not make them comfortable, welcoming, decorated slippers to welcome them to my home. It is safe to say that anyone who stays at my house in the future (including the 2010 Olympics) will NOT be getting comfortable, welcoming, decorated slippers.

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Anonymous said...

I am surprised at you, and I thought that with all the time you now have on your hands you could be making these slippers in your spare time in anticipation of the hordes of guests sure to descend on your gorgeous abode. What about some flip flops decorated with beads??