Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Duggar Family vs. The Palin Family

I am totally gobsmacked by the television shows about the Duggar family. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have 17 children (and are expecting their 18th child in the new year). Their children are homeschooled, conservative in dress and morality and seem to all be following their family teachings without rebellion (how in the heck did they do that?). Last night a new season of shows about the family appeared. I couldn't not watch, even if I tried. The eldest child, Joshua (20) proposed to a 20 year old. They have never spent time alone and they have agreed to save their first kiss and intimacy for their wedding day. You can read more about the family at their website. The family appears to have made their own new decisions about pre-marital behaviour - Michelle Duggar admits to having other boyfriends before she met her husband. These are religious folks - conservatives, fundamentalists. They do live in a different world - I can't imagine any 20 year old I know that would not date at all before picking their life mate. I can't imagine any 20 year old I know not wanting physical contact with their loved one. I can't imagine any of it really..........I guess that is why I can't stop watching it. Check it out on TLC - 17 Kids and Counting.

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