Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Weekend

I'll start with a little Eastery pic I found. The caption is: "My Sink is blocked with Hare"

I was thinking about last Easter. We were living in Wichita, Kansas - my mother came down for a visit - I missed my children and friends - Miguel was feeling very weak and sick - yet despite all that, I had this overwhelming belief that there was hope, new life and warm, sunny times to come. Easter is like that - it brings optimism and confidence that the blossoms are returning.

This Easter I am lucky to have my first-born daughter and heir home for the weekend. She is starting a new phase and challenge in her life - so I hope that she doesn't worry too much and sees these new beginnings as a the coming of spring and the promises of Easter. Miguel is enjoying his continuing good health and strength. I am happy to be at home, entertaining friends and family and just having my daughter home for a few days to annoy, just for old times sake. My mother has the beets ready - I'm off to buy good kielbosa tomorrow - oh, and I still have some baking to do. I even brought out the Easter decorations from years gone by - it seems like this is an Easter to celebrate.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone........

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