Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What a difference a day makes......

There have been many comings and goings in our household in the last few weeks. We had Miguel's two grandsons and my second-born here for a visit, today Miguel left for Kansas for follow-up medical tests and today my first-born will arrive for 12 days before moving to her new life in Vietnam. Vietnam you might ask?? She spent that last four years working in China and now she is off to a new life in Vietnam. She will be here for 12 days or so to get a final dose of Vancouver before moving on.... I was looking forward to a few quiet days with my first-born....but....no...ain't gonna happen. Yesterday my 89 year old mother had a car accident - not a bad accident, but an event that is probably a tipping point in changing her life. Until now she has lived independently - she is active and vigourous. She walks to many of her activities, adores taking the city buses and she has used her car only to get golfing each morning, to visit me, and to go to one of her volunteer activities. But now things will change......she doesn't know why her foot got caught behind the pedal - I don't really think she knows what happened. While she was in hospital emergency yesterday she admitted to me "They are probably going to take my driver's licence away"..... We have tried to dissuade my mother from driving for the last few years - I gave her a prepaid cab card to try to encourage her to start using cabs - but she is far tooooo cheap to consider such a thing. But it is a new day - the time is coming for her to give up driving. Only cars got hurt yesterday - my mother was shaken from her injuries and and luckily she will only have aches and pains for a few days. No one was hurt. She was lucky. But it is a new day - time to close the driving chapter of her life.

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