Tuesday, July 14, 2009

89 Years Old.....

Tomorrow is my mother's 89th birthday. A lot has happened in her 89 years - and a lot has happened in the last month.
It is not really a huge surprise to see that she is adjusting beautifully to her new assisted living accommodations. She found moving in with all the "old people" disconcerting at first, but as we pointed out to her, she has gone everyday for years to her local senior centre for many activities, so it isn't the first time she is surrounded by "old people". Although she doesn't embrace new things (electronics, mores, opinions) she has always had a positive approach about new challenges in her life. She has gone into this new phase of her life wanting to continue to have a good and active life - so she has accepted that she needed help with the boring quotidian aspects of life and has gone back to enjoying all her activities and interesting parts of life.
I know I am lucky - so many friends have parents who are resistant to change or are unhappy or slow to adjust to the new changes. But, despite my terrible last month, my mother is now as happy as a clam!
We are taking her out for her birthday today, because her cadre volunteer friends are taking her out for lunch tomorrow and she doesn't like to miss two meals a day at her residence. Who knew??

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Anonymous said...

So good to hear that your mother has adjusted to her new surroundings and that all is well.
Hope that you all enjoy the birthday lunch.