Friday, November 20, 2009

November in Vancouver

While we were on the road we had quite excellent sunny weather. When we left to drive back to Vancouver in early November we drove south and encountered warm, sunny weather the whole way back. We spent a few days in Palm Springs and got a chance to sit outside to eat, sit by the pool and feel the sun. We arrived back into Vancouver in the middle of November - and man, oh man, is it dark and dreary here. That is November in Vancouver - rain, rain and more rain.

The rain won't last (although it could continue for another 3 weeks or so!)......

It has taken a few days to get back into the swing of things here. The cat (who was taken care of by our young neighbour) managed to throw up at least 10 times throughout our house while we were away (and in every case, ON a carpet). There seems to have been some kind of liquid accident (on a carpet) but other than that, no other bad problems. I have had to learn how to shop for groceries and cook again.....and paying bills and sorting through mail takes a long time.

I am also for the first time in many years in the Christmas mode......both kids will be home for the holidays and I feel inspired to haul out the decorations and deck the halls. Somehow I also think that the time is coming to sell the house, so as this could be the last holiday in the house, I am ready for the challenge...... I am striving to have another "no presents" Christmas - not sure I can prevail, but I will try and convince the children that a decorated house is present enough......any chance of that working?

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