Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Decade to Consider....

It doesn't seem that long ago that we were getting ready for the change from 1999 to 2000. I remember people talking about provisioning and organizing for some of the bad things that were supposed to happen as we moved into a new millennium. It seems like 10 years has gone by very quickly.........

Ten years ago, my children were only 12 and 16.....such youngsters. Now they have both finished under-graduate degrees and are finding their way as young adults. I am sure that what they have done or accomplished in the last 10 years would take hours to report (and much of what they have done, I am NOT interested in knowing about thank you very much).

Ten years ago my mother was independent and capable - a few months ago it was clear that she needed to live with assistance. She is still healthy and active - but things have changed. Ten years ago my father was alive.....Ten years ago, Miguel's youngest daughter Mandy was alive - she passed away a few years ago after her too short and challenged life.

Ten years ago both of my children were living here at home and my every day life revolved around their activities and needs. Now they live far away and their visits are always too brief and too infrequent.

Ten years ago I really hadn't had to face losing friends and family from illness - that changed when dear friends and loved ones got cancer. Miguel, Cheri, Keith all have come through the other end of friend Kilby didn't make it, although she fought a long hard fight.

Ten years ago I had a busy working life. I was traveling a lot and our office was humming. Two years ago when Miguel got sick I stopped working so we could move to Kansas - and I have never gotten back to work since then.

See what I mean? So many things have changed in 10 years....for me and I know that so many things have changed for you too. Today just seemed like a good day to think about it all.....

Happy New Year to all........see you in 2010.

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