Friday, May 7, 2010

Paging Susan....

The other day, Susan commented on my blog - I didn't know she read my blog and I was thrilled to hear from her. She and I used to play First Clarinet in our high school band. Wow - that was a long time ago. I still have my clarinet and every time I think of selling it, I can't actually bring myself to do it. Susan - if you are reading - I don't know how to reach you - please send me an email through this blog so I know how to find you. Do you still have your clarinet?

Oh - and Martha Stewart - if you are reading this blog - send me an email through this blog so we can be best friends.

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Susan said...

Hey Krista-
I actually DO have a clarinet at home (and a piano, guitars,whatever the kids were into) but the last time I tried to get a sound out of it, it was like the first squawk in Drewniak's music room. Must be a faulty reed, couldn't be my sloppy ombishure!
Anyway, I'm at
Talk soon,