Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day One Giveaway....

So - today is the day that true packing started. As we are renting an apartment for a few months (and haven't purchased a new house yet) we are putting some "stuff" into storage....and we are moving some "stuff" into the apartment. A few months ago, I put bins for each of my children into storage - bins containing their artwork, report cards, irresistible clothing items, yearbooks, photos. Although I thought we had already weeded out items we no longer needed, somehow today I found lots more items that we just can live without.

So today starts the "Who Wants My Stuff" giveaway. Each day I will choose an item - and I will try and delight you and surprise you each day with a different item that you just can't live without. For example - today I present to you .........a folk art wooden bunny:
This loveable little guy is made of 3/4 inch thick wood - about 12 inches long. The bunny was painted white, but the paint is worn away in some spots.

If you would like this sweet bunny, just leave a comment - any comment. On Sunday the 9th, the winner will be selected and I will contact the winner and then send the bunny to your home. Tomorrow I will post another item - the winner will be randomly generated each day - so you can get more than one item (if you are, unlike me, the lucky type)

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you are back blogging. I have wondered what was happening to you. I would give the rabbit a happy new home. I live in the States, is that ok?