Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day Seven Giveaway.....

Yesterday an old trivia friend from Buffalo mentioned in the comments about the accumulation of "found" items in our home. I think the first time she visited my home she was shocked to hear about the "stolen" Grecian columns in my dining room. You can see one of the columns in this picture:

When I first bought this house, I sought out cheap decorating and renovating solutions - there was no Craigslist 20 years the Salvation Army,Value Village, garage sales and......resourcefulness and larceny....were the only ways to add character to my house. When an old charming house across the street was slated for demolition, my junking friend Lorna and I went and removed the Grecian columns from the front porch (under the cover of darkness).... With brazen gall we carried both plaster columns across to my house and decided they would look perfect in my dining room. Theft? perhaps..... But as the house was demolished the next morning, I like to consider that I gave these beautiful columns a loving reprieve. I should mention that the columns have been very happy in my house all these years......
Along the way, I picked up other treasures that we have enjoyed - and now that I am selling the house, I have needed to sell and give away lots of this loot. The big items are flying out of the house thanks to Craigslist - it warms this old junker's heart to see that furniture and accessories will be again recycled and reused.
For today's giveaway - a tribute to my junking friend Lorna - who actually climbed INTO a dumpster and retrieved this treasure. This enamel coffee pot (8 3/4 inches high) has been used frequently over the last 20 years stuffed with daisies, garden roses, wild flowers or hydrangea blossoms. If you want it, let me know in the comments and I will send it to you - a dumpster treasure.

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