Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Academy Awards.....

I missed the pre-game show - but I know there will be lots of photos posted tomorrow.
I'm a huge Jon Stewart fan - and I think he did a good job - his comments were low key but funny.
Nicole Kidman pregnant? I'm still not convinced
Couldn't Cameron Diaz have washed and styled her hair?
I love men in tuxedos - they all look so handsome......ummmmm......all except John Travolta. What was with his hair?
I loved Marion Cotillard - loved her pure surprise and "humbility"...
Speaking of humble - I'm happy Hansard and Irglova won for their song in Once - and I'm glad she was allowed to make her speech. It always bothers me that the music starts just as a second winner starts their acceptance speech.
What was Tilda Swinton wearing?
Sunday Morning featured Kevin O'Connell - he has been nominated 20 times for sound mixing. He lost again tonight.
Seth Rogen (Vancouver boy) and Jonah Hill in their freshman performance at the Oscars were hilarious.
Ellen Page on the Barbara Walters Special was very impressive. She is a bright and grounded young woman. Yay for Diablo Cody
Daniel Day Lewis - his father was the Poet Laureate of England...his acceptance speech was pure poetry. Did you know his wife (actress, director and writer) is the daughter of playwright Arthur Miller?
Congrats to the Coen brothers....I'm still not going to see No Country for Old Men...I still have nightmares about Fargo...
Did it run long? I don't care and I didn't notice......

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