Wednesday, February 20, 2008

America's Next Top Model is Back

A guilty pleasure has always been America’s Next Top Model. Lots of random friends (young and old) watch it and everyone always has an opinion about the models, the host and the judges. I have lots to say about many of the contestants each year who appear to have abusive, stupid boyfriends, babies at such young ages, an inability to communicate (like, um, like, ya know) and intense nastiness and pettiness. But I watch it anyway.....unfortunately, I missed the first half of the show tonight, but so far things are looking interesting:

1. Fatima talked about having endured female circumcision as a young girl. Imagine.....
2. Would YOU drink your own breast milk? (Confession: I never even ever thought of it) One of the models (didn’t catch her name) is pumping breast milk so that she can continue breast feeding when she returns to her young baby – she says that she drinks it……..
3. Looks like there will be lots of fightin….street fightin, don’t ya know…….

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