Friday, February 22, 2008

Dumbass Martha Stewart Craft

I have always admired Martha Stewart - from the day I received her very first cookbook from my friends Wendy and Gerry (in 1981?). I love looking at her magazines and I check out her website often just to see what she is cooking, decorating, growing, breeding, organizing, rearranging, refinishing.....sheesh, I'm tired already.

Here is a suggested "craft of the day"....yes, she suggests a craft a day. All you need to do is take a nice sweater and make it into a wool holder. It appears you must then go out and locate all kinds of nicely coloured wool (and make them into nice neat little balls of wool) and then display all these nice balls of wool in the wool, wool holder. How many days does it take for the wool wool holder to become covered in dust? How long before the cat (or dog) decide to play with the balls of wool? Sorry Martha - I think I'll try the valentine heart doily bookmark instead.


Anonymous said...

I am shocked!*&%!. What an incredible waste of a good sweater! And then all the points that you mentioned. Surely a nice pot of flowers would be better. Or how about actually knitting the container? I love some of her recipes and am humbled when I see all the projects that an insomoniac can complete. I need my eight hours and pay when I don't get them. Some reasons why Martha Stewart will never have to worry about competition from me.

Anonymous said...

As the endy who gave Krista Entertaining by MS, I admit to still being a little in MS's thrall. As a totally slothful slug, I have not tried a MS recipe or project in years, although the aforementioned Gerry still uses many of her recipes to great acclaim. Still I have to admit that my only area of craftiness is knitting (probably because that gives me an excuse to sit and watch tv while knitting) and I do like the look of that basket with the balls of wool. It sure beats the tumbling pile of knitting I have stacked beside the "tv" chair.

MS -- WS maybe there isn't such a difference afterall.


Sarah said...

I bought a wicker laundry basket from Target -- easier than using a sweater and large enough to hold my stash.

That's right. Like Delta Burke, I'm something of a hoarder.