Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is a clip of Martha Stewart making a plaster “hand” with Rashida Jones. It is a long video, but Martha demonstrates how by using dental impression gookie stuff you can make a plaster impression. Seventeen years ago, when my secondborn, son and heir was a 3 year old preschooler, his preschool class went on an outing to my sister-in-law’s dental office. You have to understand that my then sister-in-law Nancy, has always been a loving, open and generous person. She welcomed the little devils to her office – had them sit in the dental chair while she counted their teeth (and gave them a certificate of “tooth ownership”). She let them touch all the equipment and squirt water everywhere and she handed out toothbrushes and other loot. She then made impressions of all of their little hands. The kids enjoyed the trip to her office and the parents were thrilled a few days later when she delivered the little plaster hand sculptures of the children. I still have the little hand (and always will) So – parents – go and buy whatever Martha tells you and make little hand sculptures. A special shout out to Nancy (we are now ex-sisters-in-law) for making such a nice memory. She is still a close friend - you can understand why.

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