Thursday, February 28, 2008

Daily Craft

I am a creature of habit. Once I find something that helps me get organized, I stick with it - seriously, stick with it. Sometimes for years and years. I used to use a filofax in the old days, but I then decided it was too big and cumbersome for my life. Also - I started working from home and was able to organize lots of things on my computer. But to carry around, I went for a small Month-at-a-Glance calendar and a black small moleskin to keep track of phone numbers, notes and other information. I have been looking to replace the almost full moleskin (which I have used for almost 3 years) and I had to swim through thousands of organizers and memo books. Want one in the new fashionable green? They have it - want a small one, large one, huge one? They have it. From $1 to $40...... suit yourself.

Martha Stewart's Craft of the Day is an organizer you make yourself. Why make it yourself? "Making you own accessories costs far less than buying the finished products, and you can use surprising colors and details that you won't find in a store". hmmmmmmm

Here are the tools and materials I would need to make her organizer (seen above)
One hide (5 1/2 square feet) leather
No-slip ruler
Rotary cutter
Multipurpose cement
Poly-cotton thread
Sewing machine equipped for leather
Leather hole punch
1/2-inch binder rivets
7-inch 6-ring spine
Rivet setter
Paper inserts
Grommet kit or elastic cording (optional)

If you ever find anyone who makes this craft, please let me know and I will eat an organizer.


Anonymous said...

I have always liked your moleskin idea, but have to admit that I could not stay on tack, such as I do, without using my daytimer two pages per week in a bright red leather Franklin Covey binder. All my telephone numbers are there at the back as well as all kinds of notes to myself etc. I am so impressed with your ability to find all these esoteric articles -- Martha Stewart crafts and meth-addicted kids -- obviously, your method of organizing is working just fine.


Anonymous said...

Two things that Martha Stewart does not factor in when she suggests these crafts are:
a. what is the cost of the tools and supplies. I can not imagine that these tools cost less than the average organizer. I also use an organizer and try to make sure that I consult it before planning things. The odd time, I think that I can remember all my commitments and double book.
Now for b. what is your time worth? How long does it take to make this organizer? Much more fun going through catalogues or to the store and buying one. Now, if your hobby is to make these crafts and that is your way of relaxing it makes sense to make the organizer.
I am going to buy a new planner next week because mine of many years finally started to fall apart. Will be hard to part with it.
One bonus with a paper planner is that you clip in items that you need to remember and the battery never dies just when you need it. I have pockets for each month, week and day for the items that I need to deal with. Works most of the time.
If you decide to go the Martha Stewart route, love to see a picture of the finished project and the smile on your face when you finish.