Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Joy of Fractions

Ever since we started on this journey battling cancer, I have been consumed with numbers - fractions, to be frank. Today was a good fraction day - today Miguel completed 6 of 12 (reduced to its lowest common denominator - 1/2) of his chemo treatments. 1/2 - doesn't that sound good? The journey/battle started in September and since then I have had fractions on my mind every day.....1 out of 40 radiation treatments completed....20/40.....30/40....and finally 40/40 finished in December. I did the same thing with all the chemo treatments in the fall - and now, if all goes well, the final fractions we will see.

Chemo days are quiet - Miguel is given a huge dose of benadryl with his IV and he conks out as soon as the drugs start their dripping. It is a long day - usually at least 5 hours in the chemo room - usually a time when I read "hard copy" - magazines, book reviews and books. The televisions are on, everyone tries to be cheery and the drip drip drip is on everyones' minds. Some people we have met during treatment are better, some aren't. As we sit in the treatment rooms we all have great hope and belief that the dripping drugs will be successful. When the chemo is over, Miguel is groggy and weak and I hold onto him for dear life as we make our way to the car. He holds onto me for dear life too.........


Anonymous said...

And I am holding on to you both for dear life here in Toronto. It's just about midnight here and I have finished editing piles of homework. Wanted to peak into your blog because it was too late to call. Halfway is GREAT. Look at it this way, with the radiation done and all the chemo you have already endured, you are actually way more than halfway there. With spring comes warm sun on your faces and new life that we were almost afraid to hope for. Keep the faith and as John Irving so famously said - Keep passing open windows.


Anonymous said...

When I read your story Krista I am not touched by the fractions but by the image of you and Miguel walking to the car hand in hand. You are lucky to have each other.. Linda

Anonymous said...

We are all holding out our hands to you and Miguel. Over half way as Wendy said. Reading your blog we are all reminded about what is important in life. May we all remember to hold hands and support those people in our lives who need us.
Krista you are inspiration to all of us. We all send our thoughts to both of you.