Friday, March 28, 2008

Food News.......

I used to spend many weekends in New York City when I lived in Toronto. My grandmother in law lived on the Upper East Side and she loved when we came to town so we could visit galleries, cruise the shops and walk through the park. We always went to the Lower East Side for smoked meat (to Katz's) and I always ordered a celery soda. Such a strange taste, but perfect with a great sandwich. Now - a new taste treat - a cucumber-flavored soda has been introduced in Japan.

"Pepsi Ice Cucumber" hit the stores this week, but it doesn't actually have any cucumber in it - it is artificially flavored to resemble "the refreshing taste of a fresh cucumber.

Another food announcement - McDonald's will launch a new fresh salmon wrap in Norway this summer to satisfy what they see as increasing demand from consumers for healthy food. Plans call for the product to be sold only at the 67 McDonald's restaurants in Norway. The McCoho anyone?

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