Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quidnunc if you are Joyce Maynard

I was interested in this article in the NYTimes about Joyce Maynard’s approach to quidnunc. I have always been fascinated by her - how she dropped out of Yale to live an isolated life with J.D. Salinger and how she has over the years written openly about every aspect of her life. She appears to have had an interesting life. After her children were off at school she made a decision to move for part of each year to Guatemala. She spends her time in Guatemala writing and running workshops for writers.

“For the first half of my life, the big adventure was raising children,” said Ms. Maynard, 54, author of 11 books, including “To Die For,” which was made into the film starring Nicole Kidman, and “At Home in the World: A Memoir,” setting the record straight about, among other things, her complicated romantic relationship in the early ’70s with J. D. Salinger.
“I was writing books, I was having a career, but the biggest adventure was watching them grow and launching them into the world, and they’re launched,” she said, stretching her arms wide with an incredulous laugh. “I had a bit of a crisis figuring out what could possibly be an adventure after that.”

The adventure turned out to be Guatemalan village of 2,500 (complete with 65 ex-pats). Here life sounds pretty idyllic there – check it out.

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Anonymous said...

Do you remember, she also wrote Looking Back when she was a teenager, which is what drew Salinger's attention to her. What an interesting new life she is leading. Maybe with my youngest about to embark on universty plans in two years time, I should start swimming. Preferably some place warmer than Toronto, where I too might swim past my new idyllic home.
Just because I couldn't "get" the phone book video doesn't mean that I am totally out of it.