Thursday, March 27, 2008

How they Protest in Canada, eh......

Residents who use Provincial Highway #32 in Southwest Saskatchewan (that is in Canada, eh) have been trying for years to convince the Province of the urgency for repairs to the highway. To their dismay, the Government had not acted. The residents took action: they launched a website which included photos, edited comments from anyone wanting to vent their frustration, and directions on how to order bumper stickers reading “I survived Sask Hwy #32!” As well, all the comments were forwarded to the Minister of Highways.

Their latest tactic was to issue a the 2007 Highway 32 Pothole Calendar, featuring 12 local business people in the buff photographed in the potholes. It was announced yesterday that the Provincial government would fix the Highway - a year after people in the area started their protest......... Great protest.....good results.....(too bad it had to take a year)

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Anonymous said...

Now,this is imaginative and constructive and I think that the people involved had fun when they were not frustrated with the potholes.
Maybe, we should do this in other areas?