Sunday, March 9, 2008

Impressive Public Art - yep, here in Kansas

I love universities – love the campuses, the atmosphere, the world surrounding a campus. I spent 9 years at university and I often think I would still be there if I could have figured out how to avoid entering the real world for even longer. When I visit a new place, I love to check out the university - and I am always envious when I see a great campus or a great school.

Next weekend I’m going to a bridge tournament in Norman, Oklahoma – now you might think I’m excited about getting the sure prospect of getting whomped at bridge (although I am playing in the absolute lowest/beginner/novice/dummy category) – but I’m more interested in checking out the University of Oklahoma. I’ll let you know about my performance at bridge and the U of Oklahoma next week!

So far I have seen two terrific campuses here in Kansas. I’ll tell you about Wichita State University today. This school of 14,000 students is located just at an edge of Wichita. The best thing about WSU (in my humble opinion) is their Outdoor Sculpture Collection. I’m not alone in my admiration - Public Art Review, a prestigious journal for critics and artists, has just declared that Wichita State University is one of the top ten outdoor sculpture exhibits in all of America.

There are 70 pieces scattered throughout the 330-acre campus – large impressive works by Henry Moore, Louise Nevelson, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Indiana, August Rodin. The campus is full of old buildings and then these great sculptures all through the grounds ……

As you enter through one of the main entrances, you are greeted by a mural by Joan Miro

A campus full of Henry Moore, Robert Indiana and more - all outside as you walk, everyday...... wonderful, don't you think?

There are some kinetic sculptures that are intriguing to watch

Oh – and although this isn’t a sculpture, it is a building located on the WSU grounds – it was the home of the first Pizza Hut!


Anonymous said...

I also love university campuses. Perhaps it is the prospect of being the "idealized" student -- striding across campus, pursuing academic goals, attending important lectures, in short, getting another chance to relive the life of a co-ed, and by extension, do it better this time around. There is a sense of romance to being on a campus, which in my case,conveniently forgets the overwhelming anxiety of overdue essays, and the high drama of broken hearts. But having said that, I love the idea of going to university and I still think that the University of Toronto houses some of my happiest places.

Anonymous said...

Wendy could not have said it better. Mike and I love visiting university campuses and I think because we have the same idealized memories and hope to it right the second time.
That said, I must say that the art work at the Wichita campus is wonderful. Won't it be inspiring to pass the Miro on the way to class?
Thank you for sharing this pictures.

Anonymous said...

I think that university life is supposed to be full of possibiities and the art that you show us certainly reflects that uplifts and inspires. Linda