Monday, March 10, 2008

A Woman President? Not in my lifetime........

A thousand years ago when I was in law school, a friend and I were discussing who would be the first to be elected as President of the United States – a woman (like me) or a Jew (like him). We both believed the election of either would be difficult – but we did think one of them would be elected in our lifetime.

I’m not so sure that I will see a woman elected. My secondborn, son and heir thought that I was just ranting when I kept proclaiming that Hillary is treated the most harshly and unfairly by the press – but he actually acknowledged after the last debate that I might in fact be almost, sort of, kindof right.

Articles like this one in Newsweek focus (again) on suspicion about the Clinton’s marriage and discuss why people feel she is duplicitous and insincere about her family life…….. Trust me, I’m not foisting a political opinion on you – I’m just saying that this treatment of Hillary makes me believe that I won’t see a woman elected President for many many years to come.

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Anonymous said...

I spoke with a wall street lawyer from New York and his comment about Hillary is, " People are saying that she is a real bitch, but heh, isn't that the quality that is needed to be President?" The one very obvious fact is that American politics is way more fun than Canadian politics. A man who was as ambitious and qualified as Hillary Clinton would never receive such a negative comment. By the way, the wall street lawyer in the above quote voted for Bush in the last election! Linda