Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Paul or John? Dirty or Clean?

I have always believed that women can be divided into two camps - those who thought Paul McCartney was the dreamiest Beatle and those who believed John Lennon was the man of her dreams (I was in this camp). Seems that for a younger generation, there might be two camps divided over the Matt Damon or Ben Affleck discussion. Then there are women who are attracted to various types of men - studious, intellectual, musical, deep, earthy (and on and on).....

This article lists the top 5 celebrities who look like they are smelly..... The author wonders why otherwise handsome A-listers endeavor to look smelly? On the top of the list - Colin Farrell - the greasy locks, the poorly groomed beard, the rumpled clothes — he sets the bar for stinky-chic awfully high. Check out her article for the rest of the list,

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