Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Things I never had to worry about as a university student………..

Ryerson University, a Canadian university ruled Tuesday against expelling a first-year engineering student accused of cheating through an online study group on Facebook. The student had apparently encouraged his fellow students to input solutions for assignments on Facebook. 147 students used the online study group on Facebook to swap tips on assignments. Their professor had stipulated that assignments should be done independently – when he discovered the online group, he gave the student an F and then charged him with academic misconduct. The student’s supporters argued the online group he ran was no different from any kind of homework help or tutoring circle. The student, cleared of academic misconduct was given zero for his assignment, but still passed the course. His punishment? He will have to attend an academic misconduct workshop.

Why does the lack of anonymity of Facebook and other social networking sites bite the ass of so many naïve young’uns? If my children are reading – clean up your Facebook activities!

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