Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Wonder of Peeps

Easter is coming and I think I have found one place in Wichita that might have Hot Cross Buns. My mother has arrived and we are on the hunt for polish sausage – and ….trumpet fanfare…… there WILL be pickled beets.

For me, Easter has always been about chocolate – eggs and bunnies. Solid good quality chocolate please………..One Easter treat I am learning about here in Kansas is Peeps. It appears that everyone loves Peeps. These coloured sugar and marshmallow chicks and bunnies (and tulips, introduced this year) have been the best selling non-chocolate Easter Candy for the last decade. Peepmania and Peepculture include: Peep jousting, Peep eating contests, Peep videos, Peep Slaughters and Peep Diorama Contests. There are over 200 unofficial Peeps websites.....A treat, a hobby and a plaything all in one little sugar package (32 calories each)………..

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Krista! There are Peeps in Ladner! I saw some this afternoon, after I read your blurb about them today. I'm going to run right out and buy a few dozen...

Glad you'll get your beets for Easter!

Wendy V.