Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Calamari anyone?

Gotta love the headline - "B.C. fears arrival of giant squid on killing rampage" It appears that "nightmarish packs of rapacious giant devil squid are hunting off the British Columbia coast" - yep - news from my homeland. The number of Humboldt squid (once a rarity in B.C. waters) are increasing - and as their numbers increase, scientists are worrying about an attack on fish stocks.

These are not pretty creatures - along the squid's tentacles are some 2,000 suction cups, each circled with dozens of sharp teeth, to drag food to the razor-sharp beak with which it eats. They are known to eat hake and shrimp, both of which are caught commercially in B.C and there is a fear they could start feeding on young salmon.

Warming ocean water from climate change appears to be the primary reason. Scientists believe that overfishing of predatory tuna, sharks and swordfish may play a role as well. I'm just waiting for the horror film about the giant attacking squid........

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