Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Martha, Martha, Martha............

I know many of you wonder why I have always had such an admiration for Martha Stewart. Here is one reason why. See this simple (yet tasteful) chest ? Well, after you have constructed this little chest, you can open it up and see this hidden workspace.

You see, if you just get two identical bookcases and attach them together with a decorative hinge .....and then affix one bookcase to the wall and attach rollers on the other bookcase - you are 1/10th of your way to having this hidden office.
After that, you just need to look at the next picture to figure out what to do next (at least to do next to the bookcase that is on rollers):

You might not notice, but there are clear shelf panels, made from Plexiglas holding supplies on the swinging side steady without obscuring what's behind them. Now that is genius. You can see the tasteful interlocking containers and colourful bins and the brilliant what the shelves have been designed to accomodate things of all sizes and shapes. But the other side is also a thing of wonder:

See, it just gets more freakin brilliant - on the bookcase affixed to the wall, there is a fold-up desktop, (fashioned from plywood and painted the same shade as the case's interior, attached with self-locking hardware). A pegboard backdrop with all the tools in the world tastefully but purposefully within reach. And, just to prove she is the uber-organized and tasteful queen of all, there are sensor-activated, battery-powered LED lamps installed behind the molding to "shed light on projects".

I salute you Martha ...... For the full instructions and to marvel more at Martha's inspiration, just click here.


Anonymous said...

Well Krista/Martha, that is a thing of beauty. As usual, Martha ties into our dreams of doing lovely crafts, with great equipment at hand in our tastefully furnished rooms. Her ideas are great to gaze at and to imagine a life where this would fit in. Sigh. Now with knitting, all you need is a comfortable chair, a t.v. (or not) and the yarn and needles in order to create something satisfying. Looking out a window or listening to music is a bonus. And a knitting project does not entail a trip to Ikea to buy Billy bookshelves. But, I do like the idea of her "bookcase-office"

Anonymous said...

Love this,wish I could arrange to have someone make this for me! Must send this to friends who are handy and hint at what I would like.

Anonymous said...

Did Martha learn to make this when she was doing arts and crafts in prison? This just gives me another reason to hate her because she is too perfect to be real...