Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Paula, Paula, Paula........

I have not watched American Idol this season - even though I tried to watch Andrew Lloyd Weber Week - I did try, but a birthday party was in the way. But this is a great moment - Paula Abdul giving her opinion of a singer's second song - even though he had only performed one song. How hard can it be to be a judge of 5 singers?



Anonymous said...

How many years has she been doing this? I have never watched a complete show. Find the judges interesting, a study in contrasts.
Because the public gets to vote for their favourite idol what the judges say and do is not as serious at this point in the competition.
I have seen someone mimic her and her certainly gives other entertainers plenty to work with.
Maybe, I should start watching.

Anonymous said...

I read on another blog (yes i do read others) that poor Jason had to sing his 2nd song knowing what paula had to say.....& that was disgraceful. klk