Wednesday, April 30, 2008


There is nothing better in the world than a good sandwich. I have a few favourites - tuna melt, reuben and BLT (oops, don't forget grilled cheese). I have friends who have pannini makers and they say they make great sandwiches. I also like non-sandwich things that really are sandwiches-in-spirit - fallafel, tacos, even hotdogs. They are sandwich-like - you eat them with your hands, if they drip that usually means they are even more delicious and they are perfect for informal occasions. Today the NYTimes searches out the newest most innovative sandwiches in New York. "To make it here, a sandwich has to work overtime, being portable, filling, interesting and tasty". They have found some interesting fare - sandwich merguez au harissa, cemita poblana, chili mackerel mantou and a benny mac. Oh - don't forget the pickle (or two).

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