Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Prince Charles and his new business

Prince Charles has created a new retail line of housewares, called Traditional Arts. The firm was developed out of his interest in keeping alive age-old traditional design practices. Headquartered next door to the his School of Traditional Arts in London, the company aims to forge "a virtuous circle": designs by recent graduates turn into housewares collections handcrafted by independent master craftsmen and then into profits that support royal charities, including the school.

Prince Charles has already created a retail line - Duchy Originals organic and premium food products. Right now, Traditional Arts products are being sold in a number of select British retailers as well as directly to clients in the Middle East. The design firm's traditional tableware, flamboyant glassware and high price point is "popular with our international customers from the Middle East and Russia." A single dinner plate starts at around $200, but there are plans for lower priced collections within the next year. The products are projected to available for sale in the U.S., Japan and Canada by the end of the year.

You can check out all the products at the website for Traditional Arts.

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Anonymous said...

British Royal family members have become involved in design projects which unfortunately are beyond my budget. Princess Anne's son designs classical furniture which I would like to have in my home but I would bankrupt myself purchasing a few items.
Good for Charles giving some designers a chance to practise their craft and have it sold.