Friday, April 4, 2008

If Katie Holmes comes for Dinner......

You probably know by now that Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham are bff's. They go shopping together, go to soccer games together and dine out together.... The current issue of Life & Style, claims that when they go out together for dinner, they share one low-calorie meal meant for one.

The magazine reports that during a recent outing to Madeo, the duo shared a green salad sans dressing, one piece of fish and one side of steamed spinach. They also ordered one regular Coke and two glasses of ice.

“Katie poured half the soda into each of their glasses, then filled up the rest with bottled water,” a Madeo regular told the magazine.

Now, I'm pretty sure this isn't a cost saving thing between them - and looking at them above, you can see that they could both eat their own low-calorie meal without affecting their bony clavicle beauty. If you (or Katie for that matter) have dinner with me, don't even ask me to share one side of steamed spinach.

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Muaile said...

if you're gonna drink coke - just drink it!