Friday, April 4, 2008

Invention Convention

In Geneva this week at the International Exhibition of Inventions, more than 1,000 new inventions are featured. The inventions range from heavy-duty engineering feats to wacky little gadgets like the running alarm clock that will make sure you get out of bed in the morning. I particularly like the self-making bed which spreads the linen at the push of a button. The bed sheet is rolled out by two fasteners moving along metal bars on each side of the bed. Once the sheet is spread over the bed, the two bars are automatically lowered.

Medical inventions range from an injection-performing robot to a tool for diagnosing stomach ulcers with ultra sound. One icky invention is artificial nose hair - two little nubs of coiled pipe cleaner connected by a U-shaped wire block pollen and dust when placed in the nostrils. The medical device reinforces natural nose hair to protect people from inhaling polluting and allergy-causing particles in the air. When you read about it, it does make sense.

Another useful (?) invention is also an e-mail analyzer to determine whether the person you meet in the chat room is not a man pretending to be a woman or the other way around. The computer program analyzes e-mails according to the number of words, exclamation marks, emotions and compliments to determine if the sender is male or female.

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Allen Rinehart said...

Wow. An e-mail analyzer to thats determines whether a person is a man or a woman. Crazy stuff. What will they come up with next. Just encase anyone couldn't make it to the Geneva convention, Inventbay is hosting an Invention Expo in Las Vegas this year. Check it out: