Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Day, Another Truck or Two (or four thousand)

It was so exhilarating to arrive in Oregon last night - only two States left I am home. Luckily we have had good luck with roads and construction and frustration (for me, the driver). oh man.....there are so many trucks on the roads. If there is a five minute stretch when I'm not worrying about a huge transport pulling out in front of me (without signals) to pass another huge transport (or two) I am in heaven. The route we have traveled mostly - I-40 eastbound and now the I-5 northbound are crammed jammed with transport trucks.

Today we will pull into Salem to visit with the family historian (who I have never met - she is in her late 80's)....I'm getting ready for some good stories. We will leave Salem late Thursday afternoon. Now - I would normally love to just make a beeline home....BUT.....Thursday night.......LOST (the season finale) is on TV. I could trust my son to record it on the PVR, I could...... but instead I think we will stop one more night and watch it ..... now how addicted is that?

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Anonymous said...

maybe not "very" addicted but certainly "quite"