Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Girl Scout Cookies..........

One thing I have not done during my sojourn here in the States, is try Girl Scout Cookies. In Canada for many years there has only been one kind of Girl Guide Cookie - a vanilla or chocolate sandwich - 1/2 of each in a box. We have not had all the varieties of cookies offered by American Girl Scouts. I love this story of a 15 year old Michigan Girl Scout who has financed her trip to Europe by selling 17,328 boxes of Girl Scout cookies this year. Her sales shatter her troop's old record and is believed to be a national record, though Girl Scouts of the USA doesn't track individual sales.

She is quoted as saying: "It's always been one of those goals I wanted to accomplish."

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Anonymous said...

In Toronto, we get two types of cookies- in the fall the Girl Guides sell a chocolate mint cookie-very nice and then in the spring the vanilla and chocolate sandwiches. One of our neighbours' daughter is a spark, a step below brownies I believe. She came to the door with two friends and their mothers. How could I not buy a box from each of them. Michael, my husband, the cookie monster that he is dove right in an finished a box in two days starting with the chocolate ones. Those cookies are a traditional part of spring.

I am impressed with how many cookies this girl sold. That is impressive.