Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another Party I Wasn't Invited to..........

Martha, Martha, another perfect party. A Peony Party in fact. You can see more photos of her peony garden (which is very impressive) here.


Anonymous said...

What a terrific idea for a party, I think that I'll do the same thing. Oh I forgot, my garden looks like the Secret Garden before the little sick boy got started fixing it up . Only I have no excuse except rampaging laziness. Perhaps I could have the party on my little two-person deck -- at least the petunias and mandavilla look lovely. A one guest party -- maybe I could handle that.

Anonymous said...

Now if I had two gardeners to take care of things and possibly a caterer, I would love to host my party. My peonies are looking wonderful and I love them as well as my irises,foxglove and campanula. Want to get out in the garden when it isn't raining. Don't enjoy working in the garden when it is really wet. Here's hoping that I can get out tomorrow.
A two person party sounds lovely.